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NVGNight Vision Goggles
NVGNew Venture Gear (auto transmission)
NVGNeovascular Glaucoma
NVGNot Very Good
NVGNettverksgruppa (Norwegian: Network Group; computer society)
NVGNew Ventures Group
NVGNortel VPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway (computer networking)
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Pilots completed initial ground training, consisting of reviewing both the Fighter NVG Quick-Look Test Report and the 422 Test Evaluation Squadron's (TES) Evaluation of NVG Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing Operations.
the driver was not prepared for night operations and should have had the NVG at the ready.
This year, for example, the NVG recommended price for Cabernet Sauvignon is set at $3,900-4,800.
I'm looking into the area of moon reflection off the water so my ability to discern relative movement and range are worse than they are under normal NVG conditions.
NVG, a fairly recent technological advancement to debut within the air medical transport services industry, provides significantly better visibility at night, therefore enabling potentially safer air transports.
Richard Hup and his co-workers in the Material Maintenance Division at Ft Bragg found a way to save a lot of those NVGs by refurbishing the threads.
Across the industry, cost and proper training required for effective implementation are cited as the major barriers to entry for most companies hoping to incorporate the most advanced NVG technology.
Finally, it is essential that you use the objective lens cap, NSN 5340-01-392-6608, whenever the NVG is not in use to protect the image tube from exposure to sunlight.
The AN/PVS-21 binocular NVG is the only production NVG with an integrated Heads-Up Display capability for "Sensor Fusion" applications.
The Institute of Marine Research wishes to hire a coastal vessel / ring nail vessel for marking and biological sampling of NVG herring for approximately 20 days during the November / December period.
Although ESS makes a prescription lens carrier for their low profile NVG goggles, you're not authorized to order it.
Without a completed DA FORM 2408-30, NVG INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE RECORD, for night vision goggles, AVIM can't fix them.