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NVGNight Vision Goggles
NVGNew Venture Gear (auto transmission)
NVGNeovascular Glaucoma
NVGNot Very Good
NVGNettverksgruppa (Norwegian: Network Group; computer society)
NVGNew Ventures Group
NVGNortel VPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway (computer networking)
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That means you do not have to have an NVG sight, just a viewer, because the co-witnesses IR and visible laser (the visible laser which you bore-sighted and verified in the daylight) is your point of impact.
The Air Education and Training Command identified NVG training as a high priority for pilots who fly the Air Force's primary fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
The Night Operations Team started five NVG training programs, Smith said.
Caffeine Concoctions is an increasingly popular category of non-alcoholic (and also spiked) beverages, and NVG is thinking of expanding the list.
These new NVG series gateways deliver the high-performance broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity to meet the demands of tomorrow's voice, data and entertainment services.
With this milestone, Air Methods' fleet is now the largest civilian helicopter fleet in the world to be fully outfitted with NVG technology.
I am looking for the visor crack NSNs for the integrated helmet and display sight system (IHADSS) NVG visor.
Problem: NVG systems stored with batteries still installed.
The ESS Cortex Clip is a lightweight attachment that fits onto the company's Profile NVG and Profile Turbofan goggles, adding coverage to prevent Airsoft rounds from passing underneath the goggle frame and into the eye area.
The purchase price for 100% of the NVG business is approximately U.
Among other items, we quickly discussed NVG procedures because Dash 2 would be using them.