NVGANational Vocational Guidance Association
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Cowdery ( 1933-1935) and former NVGA President Harry D.
Members of ACPA, ECPO, NADW, and NVGA cooperated with the meetings of college and school workers and other groups representing organizations with smaller membership or that had less interest in personnel and guidance services.
The mission of that NVGA was to instill hope into thousands of marginalized people and bring about social justice through advocacy at the micro level (the individual person, family, and local community) and at the macro level (e.
Senators, mostly representing ACPA, ASCA, and NVGA, pleaded their cases.
Among NVGA leaders' contributions to the new fledgling APGA organization were both the well-established Occupations journal and its editor.
In 1985, NVGA became the National Career Development Association and VGQ was changed to CDQ to reflect the developmental nature of the career process.
Established in 1913, NVGA was formed to prepare young people for the world of work (Sheeley, 1988).
With NVGA reorganized, the Trustees resumed publication of The
committee recommended that the new organization be called the NVGA.
However, the 1952 NVGA board of directors also wanted to maintain its own journal, a journal devoted to career counseling and career development.
In 1951, the historic NVGA definition of vocational guidance is changed from an emphasis on what is to be chosen to the nature of the chooser.