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NVINegative Volume Index
NVINeovascularization of the Iris
NVINot Very Interesting
NVINear Vertical Incidence
NVINonviolence International (Washington, DC)
NVINaval Virtual Intranet
NVINew Voice Infrastructure
NVINight Vision Instrument
NVINaval Virtual Internet
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An optical digital microscopy (Leica LED3000 NVI, Germany) with an image acquisition and transmission device is placed behind the MLA to catch the images in the microlenses.
However, therapists also indicated that they refer to the Blind Foundation, in spite of the fact that NVI rarely meets the criteria for service.
Two (16%) patients developed NVE and closely monitored for NVI and NVA.
42) As previously described by Pe'er et al, (17) our study confirms that VEGF might play a crucial role in NVI of retinoblastoma.
11,13) However, it is possible to develop NVI without any vascularisation of the retina.
En el fondo pareceria que las NVI (proveedores) tienen en sus manos el futuro ambiental de la humanidad, pero imitar el modelo de bienestar establecido haria colapsar a la sociedad humana.
Established cell layers of either IB-RS-2 (porcine kidney) or BHK-21 (baby hamster kidney) at NVI or primary BTy (bovine thyroid) cells at WRLFMD were inoculated with the suspension of suspected material.
Como habian mas traductores en el equipo de Nuevo Testamento que en el de su contraparte, la palabra <<espiritu>> se escribio en mayuscula a lo largo de casi todo el Antiguo Testamento de la NVI.
In parallel, NVI has identified Ernst & Young to be its financial advisor for the existing businesses and potential investment opportunities.
After three years of research, the NVI realized that the preferred purification method by cross-flow filtration was blocked by a patent.
NVI asked for almost $353 million in damages from Romania, alleging unfair treatment in relation to its investment in Combinatul Siderurgic Re ita S.
NVI (Non-Verbal Imitation) SD: "Do this" Sample items: stomp feet bang table clap hands raise arms 2.