NVICPNational Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (US Department of Health and Human Services)
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Location: Egg Harbor Township, NJ NVICP settlement: [redacted]
On-table injuries are those listed in the NVICP Vaccine Injury Table.
In a 2001 congressional hearing, the director of the NVICP stated, "The program significantly reduces, but cannot eliminate, the tension and adversity inherent with any litigation process for resolving claims.
As the Director of the NVICP remarked in 2001, "the program was never intended to serve as a compensation source for wide range of naturally occurring illnesses and conditions, which unfortunately affect many of our children.
At every refusal, ask the parent to sign the NVICP Refusal to Vaccinate from, which you can find at www.
Geier has been a consultant and expert witness in cases involving vaccines before the no-fault NVICP and in civil litigation.