NWMPNorth West Mounted Police (Canada)
NWMPNational Waste Management Plan (infrastructure development)
NWMPNational Water Master Plan (Botswana and Jordan)
NWMPNational Water Management Project (India)
NWMPNuclear Waste Management Program (US Department of Energy)
NWMPNational Wildfire Mitigation Program
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Otter left Swift Current on the 13th to relieve Fort Battleford and a third column of more than 500 troops and NWMP under MGen Thomas B.
Whatever credit there is to be attached to crossing the plains at this time, must thereof be given to the Boundary Commission and not to the NWMP who had a good trail to follow as discernable as it is possible to make, many of the bad streams bridged, and every facility for an expedition's march, whilst we, the pioneers, had all the difficulties, the chances of an encounter with these supposed 30,000 hostile Indians and a hundred and one things that may occur in travelling over an unknown country.
Jarvis' experience with the NWMP is described in the book Red Coats on the Prairies by William Beahen and Stan Horrall.
In addition, the NWMP had to contend with well-armed smugglers and whiskey runners as well.
The first contingent of NWMP in the Yukon Territory had purposefully located its base, Fort Constantine, in ready proximity to the boisterous new town.
Steele's friend, former NWMP constable, Roger Pocock supplied an answer in a letter dated 29 December 1906: "I've been so often raw with pain over abuse, slander, ridicule, or sickening gush in the press that--damn it all its fun to see you writhe.
One of the first problems of the newly formed NWMP was to obtain and train horses suitable for the rigors of their western duties.
The NWMP mentoring programme will support women from different backgrounds and offer development at all stages of their businesses from pre-start to growth.
Metaphorically, the NWMP sergeant tending a garden or building a shed is a rather unimpressive figure compared to the same sergeant on horseback silhouetted by the setting sun and surrounding by a magnificent landscape.
On the ministry level the NWMP was introduced in 2004 as the central planning instrument for resources management and improvements in the quality and availability of planning data were achieved through reorganization and streamlining of data flows and related processes.
Staff from Fort Walsh National Historic Site will set up a recreation of a North West Mounted Police (NWMP) patrol camp and will talk about the duties of the NWMP and the challenges they faced in policing the west.
12) Mounted competitions between the NWMP and the local squadron of the Canadian Mounted Rifles attracted interest at every Calgary exhibition, and the militia used the Victoria Park grounds to hold summer camps.