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Henry Dixon, chairman of St Asaph-based NWTE, said: "We welcome the announcement of an independent, sixmonth review into the feasibility and practicality of tidal lagoon energy in the UK, but we are urging the Government to widen its remit to include key benefits such as coastal protection and econom| Artist's impression tidal lagoon.
gpi tf rsei NWTE said there had been a great deal of positive interest in their project from a wide range of stakeholders following a presentation at the House of Commons last November.
This is why NWTE is taking a staged approach in order to establish a world-class scientific baseline that will serve as the foundation for subsequent mapping and monitoring, and refinement of the final project design.
At this early stage, before plans have been firmed up, NWTE is being careful not to raise false expectations of what the company can contribute; however, our vision is to be a part of the region's planning and resilience.
The School of Ocean Sciences has a deservedly high reputation and we're delighted that they have agreed to work alongside NWTE to collect, analyse and interpret the data needed.
Eryl Vaughan, chief executive of NWTE, said: "As reserves of fossil fuels dwindle in the coming years, the need to deploy large scale renewable generation technology will increase substantially.