NYPIRGNew York Public Interest Research Group
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The mere fact that New Yorkers endure some of the highest insurance rates in the nation is without a doubt troubling, however a recent report by NYPIRG shows that's far from the only reason to be upset with insurance rates in the state.
NYPIRG attributed the unfair Class 1 home assessments largely to a state law that makes it difficult for city officials to maintain equitable assessments.
Tens of thousands of city homeowners are paying more than their fair share of property taxes," said Gene Russianoff, senior attorney for NYPIRG in a prepared statement.
And the entire New York State chapter, NYPIRG, never joined the fund; thus it has more flexibility to respond to grass-roots concerns.
A joint statement from NYPIRG and the Center for Justice and Democracy (CJ&D) asserts that "just seven percent of New York's doctors are responsible for 68 percent of malpractice payouts.
NYPIRG, Common Cause, and the League of Women Voters partnered with The Brennan Center for Justice in calling for major reforms to state ethics laws in 2006.
In New York City, NYPIRG organizers and students, together with volunteers from social welfare agencies, the Gray Panthers and peace organizations, such as the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, completed 62,000 cards in a single day, causing the head of the Board of Elections to complain to The New York Times about registration "fanatics.
The progressive opponents of the convention have adopted the most anti-government rhetoric of the right,'" reacted Gene Russianoff, a highly respected leader of NYPIRG, a reform organization that had remained neutral on the question.
1, 1996) (listing 20 environmental groups that endorsed the 1996 Bond Act); see also Shapiro, supra note 5 (manuscript at 1) (noting that "[t]hose of us who work at NYPIRG were elated .
Larry Shapiro, Senior Attorney for NYPIRG, has identified a series of steps the government should take to maximize accountability in the expenditure of funds, to minimize the possibility for the practice of "pork barrel" politics.