NYRNew York Rangers
NYRNew Year's Resolution
NYRNot Yet Rated (dance group)
NYRNot Yet Returned
NYRNorthern York Region (Canada)
NYRNormalized One-Year Return Rate (TL 9000)
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Penalties -- Wilson, Was (roughing), 20:00; Glass, NYR (roughing), 20:00.
Jerome Muscat, Retail Director, Neal's Yard Remedies (UK) said, "At NYR we believe that climate change is the issue that affects all of us.
Nothing wrong with that--actually, a NYR trivia quiz would undoubtedly be more fun, and perhaps even more use, than another run through the standard left critique: It's timid, it's bland, it's white, it's male; too few new voices, too few cutting-edge topics, too few Italian-American contributors.
Penalties -- Spaling, Pit (tripping), 4:11; Brassard, NYR (interference), 5:12; Winnik, Pit (holding), 12:47; Brassard, NYR (hooking), 19:44.
The MyLanguage consortium will initiate work that benefits Cald communities as part of NYR, and support reading initiatives in those communities.
She picked a range of skin products to suit her skin type including new NYR Beauty Sleep Concentrate, Frankincense Hydrating Cream, White tea Enriching facial mask and Rose Formula Hydrating Eye Cream.
A host of partners will be involved and a small team, lead by Delyth Humphreys, NYR co-ordinator, will co-ordinate activities throughout the year.
To boost his shaky evidence in his NYR piece of December 5, 1985, he "quoted' Adolfo Evertsz, a leader of the Socialist Party (for, by inference, if the Socialists who are Sandinista allies condemn the elections, we know they must have been rigged).