NYSDOTNew York State Department of Transportation
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Silva served for 14 years as Area Construction Supervisor for NYSDOT Region 11 where he worked on major projects including the $420 million Alexander Hamilton Bridge and Highbridge Interchange Ramps Rehabilitation Project, the largest completed single contract construction project in the history of NYSDOT at that time.
NYSDOT incorporated information from the study into its guidelines and protocols over the course of the project.
Because crushed glass had been successfully used for filtration, the NYSDOT proposed to design a crushed glass filtration system.
NYSDOT had allowed this project on a trial basis and was pleased with the results.
NYSDOT contracts with various contractors and consultants (architects, engineers,
She listed several NYSDOT mega-projects in Region 11 comprising the five boroughs including the recently completed federally funded rehab of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge and the Kosciuszko Bridge replacement project.
NYSDOT workers, however, must follow the instructions laid out in the agency's (soon-to-be-published) guidance manual.
The interoperable capabilities of Bentley software allowed us to work with NYSDOT as if we were in the same office, and that was the key to our success," said Mark Pawlick, vice president at HW Lochner, Inc.
It was decided to inspect all of the aluminum overhead signs on Long Island to determine the extent of the problem," says NYSDOT Senior Civil Engineer Harry White.
Cognizant of this reality, and responding to ever-greater requirements for efficiency and standard of service, NYSDOT decided to reassess its installed work planning, task prioritization, and tracking processes.
For more detailed information on Bentley OnSite, to review the complete NYSDOT success story, or to watch Bentley OnSite in action, please visit www.
In 1988, the NYSDOT awarded Vollmer Associates the contract to prepare the environmental impact statement for the replacement roadway.