NYTDNational Youth in Transition Database (US DHHS)
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NYTDNew York the Danceclub (Kassel, Germany)
NYTDNew York Twist Drill, Inc. (est. 1949)
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The impetus for developing this program was that if each state worked independently to develop its own system complied with the NYTD requirements, there would be no economy of scale, data would be inconsistent across states, and it would be difficult to create a comprehensive national picture of how youth age out of foster care are fairing and what kinds of supportive services they are receiving.
NYTD is a multi-tiered approach for moving beyond the federal requirements to provide states with 1) templates for an advanced survey instrument with additional questions on other domains, highlighting permanency; 2) tools and templates for engaging, locating and tracking youth; and 3) resources for contracting services, key decision points and creating regional consortia.
Christine Cook, vice president/international at NYTD, said online advertising has steadily evolved toward larger ads.
NYTD cut 69 positions -- 17% of its staff -- and ended its joint newsroom with TheStreet.
Still, NYTD says it is focused on making money within two years.
The campaign uses the theme "Mind over chatter" in an effort to make The New York Times on the Web's content stand out, said Craig Calder, vice president of marketing for NYTD.