NZWNew Zealand White (rabbit breed)
NZWNew Zealand Winegrowers
NZWNarodowe Zjednoczenie Wojskowe (Polish: National Military Union; anti-Communist organization; Poland; est. 1944)
NZWSouth Weymouth, Massachusetts (Airport Code)
NZWNew Zealand Wrestling
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The frequencies of genotype AA for EWR and NZW were the highest (0.
Fifty NZW growing rabbits of 60 days of age were used in a complete randomized design experiment with five treatments.
However, David Cox, European director of NZW, stressed that the focus on organic wine was not a means to solve the country's oversupply problems.
9 found highest densities of macrophages and maximum focal increases of vascular cell adhesion molecules in abdominal aorta as compared with other parts after feeding NZW rabbits a 0.
Upon the closing of the reorganization, holders of MTP shares of NZW received, in exchange for each MTP share held immediately prior to the reorganization, one MTP share of a new series of NUM (the acquiring fund) having substantially identical terms.
Total of 264 NZW rabbits including 162 cases and 102 controls were genotyped using HRM technology in c.
Last year, following an increase in new plantings and a bumper harvest in 2008, NZW urged suppliers to cut back on yield or risk cheapening the image of the country's wine.
Effect of bisphenol A on murine immune function: modulation of interferon-[gamma], IgG2a, and disease symptoms in NZB x NZW [F.
One (9%) of 11 NZW rabbits from the same source was positive for eae-, stx1+ O153 strains.
66) in NZW rabbits using BLUP method (Panella et al.