NaFFAANational Federation of Filipino American Associations
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The timings are excellent and the services are great, especially the journey planner," Naffaa, a quality manager from Lebanon, told Gulf News.
This volume collects English translations of seventeen short stories written by three Palestinian Arabs with Israeli citizenship: Mohammad Naffaa, a Druze political activist living in his native village of Bet Jann; Zaki Darwish, an educator whose native village, Birwah, was demolished in 1948; and Naji Daher, a journalist who lives as a refugee in Nazareth after his native village, Sereen, was also destroyed in 1948.
Prosecutors say Naffaa accompanied a delegation of 280 Druze clerics to Syria, even though the Interior Ministry did not approve his departure, and secretly planned to meet with Khaled Meshaal, head of the Damascus politburo of the Palestinian militant group Hamas, UPI reported.
Jumblatt, who is accompanied by Minister of State Wael Abu Faour and MP Marwan Hamadeh, discussed with Naffaa mandatory conscription of the Druze in Israel.
As a community that is still largely invisible to elected officials and national policy makers, we need to make our voices heard by going to the polls on Election Day,' says NaFFAA National Chair Brendan Flores.
Naffaa believes the charges are political and discriminatory, not issued in good faith because he's an Arab.
Eduardo Navarra, who served as NaFFAA National Chairman from 2010-2014, died August 26 of intracranial hemorrhage.
He has served as NaFFAA National Youth Chair and National Treasurer.
In this case, however, there was no protocol established by NaFFAA, the organization that invited Vice President Robledo.
We are all saddened and overcome with grief,' says NaFFAA National Chair JT Mallonga.
Montano, who served as NaFFAA executive director from 2000-2002, coordinated the group's FilAm Vote, which involved extensive outreach to Fil-Am communities nationwide.