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NaHCO3Bicarbonate of Soda (chemistry)
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The desired target "Mongin number" or DEB was obtained by adding NaHCO3 alone to the feed; amount of K+ and Cl- were fixed.
The sodic-alkalinity was simulated by a mixture of NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 (NaHCO3:Na2CO3 = 9:1 molar ratio) as described by our previous study (Liu et al.
4% NaHCO3 + 4 ml normal saline), and Group S, the control group, was given the same amount of normal saline (NaCl 0.
14) showed that propranolol or other BB drugs could lead to quinidine-like arhyhtmias (QRS prolongation) and these arhythmias could response to intravenous bolus NaHCO3 treatment.
Posteriormente, foram conduzidos dois ensaios, um com frutos de lima-acida 'Tahiti' e outro com frutos de laranjeira 'Hamlin', cujo objetivo foi avaliar o uso de ACBs (ACB-69, ACB-84, ACB-CR1 e ACB-K1), juntamente com NaHCO3, acondicionados a cera de carnauba, nas concentracoes de 12 e 18% de SST, visando a incrementar o controle do bolor verde dos frutos citricos.
Ammonium acetate method was used for the determination of extractable K in soil (Rhoades, 1982) while soil P was determined by shaking soil with NaHCO3 (Watanabe and Olsen, 1965) and soil texture by Bouyoucus method.
The promastigotes were cultured in complete medium consisting of RPM1-1640 (with low content of phenol red) (Biochrom AG, Berlin, Germany) supplemented with 2 mM L-glutamine, 10 mM HEPES, 24 mM NaHCO3, 100 Wm
Study co-authors for "Fruits and Vegetables or Oral NaHCO3 Preserve GFR and Reduce Urine Angiotensinogen, a Marker of Kidney Angiotensin II Activity, in Stage 3 CKD" include Chanhee Jo, PhD, Jan Simoni, PhD, and Donald E.
In the fuel production diagram showed two type of mixture waste plastic putted into reactor chamber, reactor was heated up 50-420 [degrees]C and produced vapor passed through condenser unit, condensation to produced plastic fuel and fuel was liquid, during condensation period some light gas also generated that light gas (C1-C4) passed through alkali wash by using NaOH/ NaHCO3 solutions.
Ellecontient de l'hydrogenocarbonate NaHCO3 aveclequelreagit l'acide acetylsalicyliqueau cours d'une reaction acideen presence d'eau dont sedegage du CO2, d'oE l'effervescence.