NADDNorth America Diving Dogs (Midlothian, TX)
NADDNational Association for the Dually Diagnosed
NADDNational Alliance for Democracy and Development (Gambia)
NADDNational Association of Diaconate Directors
NADDNational Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work
NADDNerd Attention Deficit Disorder
NADDNational Association of Diemakers and Diecutters
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It will run during Sunday's Super Bowl, and Nadd says he hopes it gets people talking about honoring returning soldiers.
Incluso las dahiras son unidades de ahorro, sus miembros se organizan en grupos de autoayuda y creditos sin intereses, son las famosas tontinas, cuyo nombre en wolof es nadd, termino que originalmente designaba a las alfombras tejidas en fibra vegetal (Gueye, 1997, en Agnelli y Kleidermacher, 2009).
Camara played a pivotal role in the formation and sustainability of a new opposition coalition known as NADD in 2005, eventually becoming its national chairman.
La primera, el Manual de diagnostico para discapacidad intelectual (DM-ID), disponible en espanol a traves de un acuerdo con NADD, una asociacion de los Estados Unidos de America para personas con discapacidades del desarrollo y necesidades de salud mental (c.
Titled 'Aviation in the GCC States - Flying High Amidst Global Turbulence', the publication has been prepared for the Airport Show 2012 by its PR agency Nadd Al Shiba PR and Event Management and can be downloaded by registering online through the show's website www.
CSWE, NADD, BPD, and GADE can work with other social work education groups to develop a "working with Latinos and immigrants" curriculum guide that can identify specific practice behaviors and related knowledge.
Dubois: Members of NADD meet so that we may grow in our shared understanding of diaconal ministry and discuss formational issues that can be beneficial to all members.
AL-FADIL AL-MIQDAD AL-SUYURI, NADD AL-QAWA'ID AL-FIQHIYYA 'ALA MADHHAB AL-IMAMIYYA 60-63 ('Abd al-Latif al-Kuhkamari Mahmud al-Mar'ashi, 1983) (mentioning the five as nafs, din, 'aql, nasab or 'ird, and mall).
Targeting NAD biosynthesis in bacterial pathogens: structure-based development of inhibitors in nicotinate mononucleotide adenyltransferase NadD.
2 March 2010: Brigid Calhoun, Grant Cuprak, Timothy East, Brian Fiallo, Carson Homme, Richard Hood, Kayla Khan, Jamie Kuhn, Diane Leimbach, Jessica Letarte, Pieter Miller, Michael Monty, Jared Moore, Roseanne Munroe, Charles Nadd, Sean Plomer, Caleb Reilly, Jonathan Reisher, Christopher Rice, Thomas Richardson, John P.
The bacterial NadD differs significantly from the human enzyme.