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NADSNational Association for Down Syndrome
NADSNational Association of Disabled Supporters (Reading, UK)
NADSNational Advanced Driving Simulator
NADSNadine's (hair removal product)
NaDSSodium Dodecyl Sulphate
NADSNorth Atlantic Defense System
NADSNorth American Auto Dealers Supply Corporation (Auto dealer purchasing group)
NADSNicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Synthetases
NADSNational Advertising and Design Studios (Australia)
NADSNonacoustic Detection & Steering
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On Monday Nadine's mother pleaded for Almahri to turn himself in.
She struggled with Ricky's death for a long time' NADINE'S SISTER SHELLEY
The portraits--of Nadine's thumbs, index fingers, then Nadine's three-fingered hands, her handless wrists, her elbows, her feet, her footless calves, her knees and thighs, her buttocks--lined the walls of her bedroom, propped against the baseboard until Nadine had announced their optimal exhibition.
But Nadine's pals claim Jesse doesn't have a chance.
She's hardly offensive, is more than easy on the eye and has a good pair of lungs on her, so just why has Nadine's solo career bombed at the tender age of 25?
Hafez believes that Egyptians have every right to secure the society against Nadine's call to aelegalise adultery' and allow women to marry four husbands at the same time.
WRU District B director of rugby, Jason Lewis, said of Nadine's appointment: 'Capital Rugby will benefit from Nadine's expertise to no end.
The film begins with hypnotic, overexposed flashbacks to Nadine's childhood, and the atmosphere carries over to Nadine's reverie with Tass.
By this time Nadine's friends had arrived, but they didn't greet her immediately.
Yves Levenson, Nadine's brother, joined Diva International in 1994.
During the assault Duncan's Staffordshie bull terrier mauled Nadine's face, leaving her with a horror injury that needed 45 stitches to reattach her ear.