NAEFNational Art Education Foundation (National Art Education Association)
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En cuanto al oleaje, este posee dos componentes energeticos, uno cinetico y otro potencial, el cual puede ser aprove chado por diferentes tipos de dispositivos, acoplados a un generador electrico: captacion de movimiento variable a traves de estructura flexible semisumergida con sistema hidraulico, estructuras flotantes en las cuales las olas la sobrepasan y mueven pequenas turbinas, boyas semisumergibles o completamente sumergidas que mueven una turbina, o estructuras construidas en la costa en las que el oleaje mueve una columna de aire la cual hace girar una turbina (Sorensen y Naef, 2008).
NAEF is cost-effective and well tolerated by patients compared to other sophisticated dynamic axial fixators because in our circumstances, most patients belong to poor socio-economic conditions and it is easy to apply on them.
According to the prison's director, Colonel Mohammed Naef, there are now 224 immigrants being held in the prison.
I hear you have been critical of the first NAEF (North American Expeditionary Force) that is claiming to set up guys to fight with the Kurds against ISIS.
Le temoignage du colonel a la retraite Mohamed Taher Abdeslam, qui a cotoye Arafat, Abou Djihad, George Habache, Naef Hawatma et Abou Iyad, a confirme les liens solides entre l'Algerie et la revolution palestinienne.
New molecular phylogeny of the squids of the family Loliginidae with emphasis on the genus Doryteuthis Naef, 1912: Mitochondrial and nuclear sequences indicate the presence of cryptic species in the southern Atlantic Ocean.
Manama, July 3 (BNA) -- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa today received the new Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ahmed Naef Rasheed Al-Dulaimi.
When Patrick Naef, Emirates Group's CIO, joined seven years ago, the team had just begun rolling out its Knowledge Driven In-Flight Service (KIS), a tablet based application run on a classic .
En 1975, Weston Naef, entonces comisario en el Metropolitan Museum of Art de Nueva York, organizo una exposicion titulada Era of ExploratiorP.
Consequently Naef poses the provoking question whether the prohibition of image' in Islam is not, after all, an invention of the West (Naef, 2007).
In our Commentary section, as promised in the previous edition of JFQ, Brigadier General Naef Bin Ahmed Al-Saud of the Royal Saudi Army returns to discuss how his nation is using social media to protect against threats of terrorism in the Kingdom and beyond.