NAFLNorth American Football League (semi-professional; Eden Prairie, MN)
NAFLNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (disease)
NAFLSodium Fluoride
NAFLNational Association of Freight Logistics (Dubai, UAE)
NAFLNetherlands Antilles Florin (currency)
NAFLNational Association Football League
NAFLNearly Antiferromagnetic Fermi Liquids
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Established in 1992, NAFL has been actively working toward ensuring the UAE's leading position and Dubai's pre-eminence in the international freight and transportation fields for the last 25 years.
Igor Murzaev, General director of Eisa Shipping Agencies, Nadia Abdul Aziz, President of NAFL, and 20 more other top managers of logistics companies.
Under the leadership of Nadia Abdul Aziz, NAFL aims to reach newer and bigger heights in coming months.
On the other hand, plants responded to the increase in salinity with a reduction in NAFL, which was equal to 5.
NAFL generally takes a benign long-term course while NASH can lead to cirrhosis and its attendant complications.
MUSCAT: Sheikh Said bin Ali bin Nafl Al Mas'hali, undersecretary of the Transport and Communications Ministry for Civil Aviation Affairs, deputy chairman of Oman Air Board and head of the Executive Committee said that the national carrier of the Sultanate is currently witnessing rapid growth in all its operations.
This is because GAPL and NAFL (together referred to as the G-One group) will be in a similar line of business, and expected to have strong business linkages.
The Rhinos is one of nearly 100 NAFL teams that charge players $150 a season to play with the promise of exposure to upper-level football leagues.
1]), 1 mM phenyl methyl sulfonyl fluoride (PMSF), and 1 mM NaFl.