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NAHAMNational Association of Healthcare Access Management
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Ms Al Naham said that patients could also do their part by not wasting medications they were prescribed.
The Naham mountain area has seen clashes between government forces and anti-Saleh tribes since the popular uprising began.
Remnants of the re-entrant and of II N (W) might be located in the inner south-west corner of the present-day dirt area east of the former Naham Battery platform, at the very head of the north Kasba wall lining the Rue Riad Sultan.
He also referred to the coalition's victories made in Naham and Al Jouf, where its forces made sacrifices to liberate these areas from the grip of Al Houthis.
On the other hand, the coalition fighters destroyed reinforcements, positions, gatherings and military equipment of the pro-coup militia, in Mahli area and the Yam Mountains in Naham Directorate, east of the capital, while the battles between the forces of the national army and the popular resistance, on one hand, and the Houthi militia, on the other, continued, in the areas of Madfoun, at the same Directorate.
Other competitions like Al Naham and pearl diving will start Thursday according to Katara.
and Ferdinand Jacinto Dalit were among the 29-man crew of the Omani-flagged FV Naham 3 that was hijacked on March 26, 2012 while traversing the Indian Ocean some 65 nautical miles south of Seychelles.
In statements to the media, Al-Assiri said the Yemeni government forces will battle Houthi militias in Naham or anywhere else inside Yemen.
Commentators and TV: Jaber Al Dossari, Hassan Isa, Nabil Al Alawi, Hussein Al Mahroos, Mohammed Al Naham.
Haloul and Al Naham were in fourth and fifth positions receiving 120,- 000 and 100,000 respectively.
Three tribesmen were killed during the attack on the 63rd Brigade in the mountainous region of Naham, which was in revenge for the killing of two tribesmen on Sunday, a tribal source said.