NAHJNational Association of Hispanic Journalists
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When looking at how we would achieve the goals within our initiative, bringing in the Latino Public Radio Consortium made sense in many ways," commented Brandon Benavides, NAHJ President.
Producer for CNN en Espanol and President of NAHJ Washington Chapter.
Nahj, Qom, Nahjul Balagha Institute, first edition, 1414 ah.
According to Southern California freelance reporter and NAHJ member Cesar Arredondo, previous attempts over the years to start an L.
United said that it will be the official airline of special events for NAHJ in 2012 and will facilitate seven gatherings around the country.
694/1294) al-Kawakib al-Durriyyah ji Madh Khayr al-Bariyyah, famously known simply as Qasidat al-Burda (the Mantle Ode); and section 3 to Ahmad Shawqi's (1868-1932) Nahj al-Burda (the Way of the Mantle).
In popular piety, Imam Ali is addressed as spiritual guide and consort and popular prayers are recited from his collection of prayers, the Nahj al-Balaghah.
This market was opened every once in a while since last month by some traders and was then closed for days," said Sayed Nahj, who runs a store selling dry fruits and fresh vegetables.
At the end of the celebration the Iranian cultural attache al-Musawi spoke, and mentioned a number of books that might prove useful for promoting people's faith, such as Nahj al-balagha and al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya.
Editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial pages, Pimentel told NAHJ members in his acceptance speech that organizations like the association are most important in these difficult times in the newspaper industries: "It is at times like these that someone or some group is necessary to remind folks that values cannot be discarded as easily as some are discarding the people who have embodied those values; practiced them, in fact," he said.
The NAHJ announcement went on to say that, "In 2006, during a year when immigration was such a central and controversial topic in the national debate, Solis's stories on immigration were rewarding reads no matter which side of the debate one takes.
As the conversation began to fade out, Regina Medina, a director of NAHJ and a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News, approached Dobbs, asking him if he'd consider handing over $1,000 for a membership in the group.