NANGONational Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (Zimbabwe)
NANGONational Alliance of Non-Government Organisations (Papua New Guinea)
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The mandate of NANGO is to promote, coordinate and organise the participation and contributions of NGOs in the social, economic and political development of the people of Zimbabwe.
However, the PNG Watch Council has been active in political issues and NANGO may reemerge as the national NGO alliance.
One of the young women, Nango Dang, hopes to become the first girl in her village to ever go to college.
in the village of Hinoemata, Fukushima Prefecture, and more than 40 cm in the village of Nango in Fukushima Prefecture and the town of Minakami in Gunma Prefecture, the agency said.
They've come from different villages to be recognized, the five new scholarship winners: Christine Ndiaye, Nango Dang, Khady Diome, Yamama Diop, and Fatou Djiby Faye.
The truck driver, Katsura Kamiakedo, 28, of Nango, Aomori Prefecture, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in injuries, the police said, adding the charges were later changed to professional negligence resulting in injuries and death.
The bank's business, mostly involving clients in the local forestry and fishery industry, has since been transferred to another local credit association, the Nango Shinkin Bank, based in Nango, Miyazaki Prefecture.
The village of Hosoiri in Toyama Prefecture recorded 69 cm of snow and the village of Nango, Fukushima Prefecture, had 41 cm.
Wednesday, accumulation reached 74 cm in Nango, Fukushima Prefecture, 68 cm in Gunma's Minakami and 62 cm in Izumi, Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast.
The agency said the quake registered 3 on the 7-point Japanese intensity scale in the village of Nango in Miyazaki Prefecture and 2 in the prefectural capital Miyazaki and some other cities in the prefecture.