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NMOLNumerical Method of Lines (differential equations)
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This was the case when rates were expressed relative to the volume of extract (in nanomoles per milliliter per minute) or the soluble protein content (nanomoles per milligram per minute) of the dissolved styles.
where [Poly] is the concentration of the polymerase in nanomoles per liter.
Residual GALC activity was measured in triplicate aliquots of each sample (20 [micro]g protein) by incubation with N-lissamine rhodaminyl-6-aminohexanoylgalactosyl ceramide with results expressed as mean nanomoles per hour per milligram of protein from 3 individual samples per group.
In one of five men, these levels fall below 12 nanomoles per litre of blood, bringing about the onset of male menopause, also known as andropause or male climacteric.
Chitotriosidase activity was expressed as nanomoles of substrate hydrolyzed per ml per hour (nmol/mL/h).
Through the study, it was revealed that subjects with blood levels of vitamin D (serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D) lower than 50 nanomoles per liter, which is considered as vitamin D insufficiency, were likelier to have the metabolic syndrome than those whose vitamin D levels exceeded 50.
The data from volunteers--either African-American or of European ancestry--who had relatively low amounts of sun exposure suggests that they may need additional vitamin D to reach a target blood level of 75 nanomoles of vitamin D per liter of plasma.
Her study found that early macular degeneration was about 40 percent less common in people with high vitamin D levels (more than 84 nanomoles per liter of blood) than in people with low levels (less than 42 nmol/L).
The final product of a trace element analysis is a profile of metal concentrations in any or all of the three body fluids, expressed in micromoles per litre for those in relatively higher concentrations and in nanomoles per litre for those in lower concentrations.
A healthy range of vitamin D in the blood is between 100 and 150 nanomoles per litre.