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NASONational Association of Sports Officials
NASONaval Air Station Oceana (Virginia Beach, VA)
NASONational Adherence Support Organisation (UK)
NASONational Adult School Organisation
NASONaval Aviation Supply Officer
NASONational Association of Slain Officers
NASONon-Acoustic Sensor Operator
NASONorth American Space Operations
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Then there were Lucilius, and Catullus, and Naso, and Quintus Flaccus, - dear Quinty
Naso, to my astonishment, was Nicander in disguise.
It is true that Homerus begged through the Greek towns, and that Naso died in exile among the Muscovites.
Naso has a somewhat unusual job: He is an artistic director for the Paris Metro.
Naso will explain how cells are extremely dynamic entities, with many activities on-going at the same time that define the homeostatic cellular state.
Recommendations V Troicki v L Pouille three sets 1pt 13-5 Hills T Kamke v M Baghdatis to feature a tie-break 1pt 13-8 Coral G Naso v P Lorenzi three sets 1pt 7-5 BetVictor
The specific name naso is a noun derived from the Latin word nasus (nose) and the Roman personal name Naso, emphasizing the nose-like prostomium of this worm.
3-km highway, which would entail deforestation of a 5-meter-wide area of the Palo Seco forest, as well as an 18-hectare reservoir on the Bonyic River, an important water source for the region's Naso communities.
Gli occhiali sulla punta del naso, le orecchie "che parevano due vele spiegate," il naso paonazzo e, sia d'inverno che d'estate, il cappello da marinaio calcato sulle ventitre.
Frank Naso, one of Staten Island's prominent builders, said that while the market has slowed, it isn't dead.
of Tasmania) examines the relationship between the surviving poems--particularly the erotic works--attributed to Publius Ovidius Naso (43 BC-18 AD), and the political ideology that his contemporary Augustus developed and promoted as a means of justifying his unprecedented position of virtually unchallenged power as Rome's first emperor.
Doctors Naso, Rosenberg, Stein & Kessler, all clinical psychologists, signed a 10-year lease for 2,100 s/f at 2777 Summer Street, Stamford.