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An open comminuted fracture or any of the above types with concomitant septal hematoma, cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea, airway obstruction, crush injury, severe displacement or associated naso-orbito-ethmoid midface fractures are defined as type V fractures (16).
The 3D images were found to be inferior in the assessment of detection, extent and displacement of fractures in the naso-orbito-ethmoid region when compared with coronal and axial images in most patients.
3%) were having nasal fracture while Naso-orbito-ethmoid fractures (NOE) were seen in 15 (2.
Nasotracheal intubation prohibits the midfacial degloving approach for LeFort II, LeFort III, nasoseptal, and naso-orbito-ethmoid complex fractures.