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NRNouvelle République (French: New Republic; newspaper)
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NRNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) restricted
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NRNaval Reactor
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30) Als einen Zusammenschluss zwischen der politischen und intellektuellen Sphare wurde der Nationalrat fur das Studium der Securitate-Archive (CNSAS--Consiliul National pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securitatii) betrachtet.
Verfassungsgesetze oder in einfachen Gesetzen enthaltene Verfassungsbestimmungen konnen vom Nationalrat nur in Anwesenheit von mindestens der Halfte der Mitglieder und mit einer Mehrheit von zwei Dritteln der abgegebenen Stimmen beschlossen werden; sie sind als solche ("Verfassungsgesetz", "Verfassungsbestimmung") ausdrucklich zu bezeichnen.
The development in the Nationalrat was more consistent and the proportion of women was rising up to 30 percent after the elections of 2007.
Soares, the opening day speakers included President of the Austrian Nationalrat Barbara Prammer and the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Kazakhstan's Foreign Minister Kanat Saudabayev.
Barbara Prammer and with representatives from Nationalrat and Bundesrat in the Austrian Parliament; working lunch with social partners and visit of European Middle School (Vienna, 13).
Aktiv wirkte er in dem in Stockholm ansassigen Estnischen Nationalrat (Eesti Rahvusnoukogu) mit, indem er in den ersten Jahrzehnten der Vorsitzende des Kulturausschusses war.
Any legislative proposal may be raised to constitutional status merely by designating it as a "constitutional provision" and passing it by a two-thirds majority in the Nationalrat (National Council) of Parliament.
The committee came up with a school-law program (Schulgesetzprogramm) in 1962 which was subsequently passed by the Nationalrat on 18 July 1962 as a constitutional amendment.
The threshold of 100,000 signatures was exceeded and the Nationalrat (lower chamber of Parliament) must now include the issue on its agenda, though it is under no obligation to legislate.
El poder legislativo cnsta de un parlamento bicameral: Senado o Bundesrat con 63 miembros designados por las Asambleas Provinciales --en el pais hay nueve estados o provincias-- para terminos variables, y Camara de Diputados o Nationalrat, que tiene 183 diputados elegidos por sufragio popular para un termino de cuatro anos.
Although the Austrian Parliament, the Osterreichischer Nationalrat, passed a resolution in May 1999 asking the Austrian government to use its influence to effect the repeal of the relevant Benes Decrees, it is unlikely that Austria would use its veto power in the Council of Ministers to block Czech membership in the EU over this issue.
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