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That a girl of fourteen, acting only on her own unassisted reason, should err in the method of reform, was not wonderful; and Fanny soon became more disposed to admire the natural light of the mind which could so early distinguish justly, than to censure severely the faults of conduct to which it led.
These two chambers, close as to their atmosphere, and swarthy as to their illumination by natural light, were the apartments which Mrs.
I knew nothing then, of the discoveries that are occasionally made of bodies buried in ancient times, which fall to powder in the moment of being distinctly seen; but, I have often thought since, that she must have looked as if the admission of the natural light of day would have struck her to dust.
The local stamp sharply, as he gathered, impressed upon her he estimated indeed rather in a borrowed than in a natural light, for if she was native to a small town in the interior of the American continent one of their fellow-passengers, a lady from New York with whom he had a good deal of conversation, pronounced her "atrociously" provincial.
For fear of adventuring his intelligence into ways where its natural lights might fail to guide it safely he dismissed resolutely all suppositions, surmises, and theories out of his mind.
Its west-facing location open to the extra wide avenue and elevated train across the way, provides greater visibility to the outside and natural light to the interior spaces.
The impact proper lighting has on workplace productivity and happiness is immense, and providing as much natural light as possible not only improves occupant morale but can also significantly reduce your energy spend.
I worked in a hospital that had a verandah with doors that opened and allowed fresh air and natural light in.
The buyers were sold on the property due to the location of the kitchen - being closed off and separate, but spacious and with great natural light," said Shyda Hoque, who listed the home with Maryam Daghmoumi, both of Realty Collective in Brooklyn.
The official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) recognises Arups concept design on the faade and the careful treatment of natural light for this building.
8 September 2016 - France-based digital building infrastructure specialist Legrand (PAR: LR) has purchased Canada-based natural light control company Solarfective, the company said.
Skylights can be a cost-effective and quick way to bring more natural light into a kitchen -- even if it doesn't have direct roof access.