NAUMNational Autonomous University of Mexico
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The city of Naum, which we were approaching, is a frontier of the Chinese empire, and is fortified in their fashion.
The three hundred soldiers from Naum marched in our front, the two hundred in our rear, and our men on each side of our camels, with our baggage and the whole caravan in the centre; in this order, and well prepared for battle, we thought ourselves a match for the whole ten thousand Mogul Tartars, if they had appeared; but the next day, when they did appear, it was quite another thing.
In Saint Naum region they discovered findings of natural gas and oil at 1,400 meters, and this finding is connected with the so-called oil streak that has been exploited by Albania 50 years now.
Speaking to Al Jazeera, Naum said there was a health crisis among those who are passing through Idomeni and those who are stuck.
Healthcare Trust of America (NYSE:HTA), a real estate company that acquires, owns, and operates medical office buildings located primarily on-campus or affiliated with US healthcare systems, revealed on Tuesday that it has appointed Naum Nasif as its leasing manager in Colorado.
Continuing Blaga's legacy and using translations in the service of his own writings, Gellu Naum relied on translation in both a literal and metaphorical sense, to give his early poetry and mature fiction writing a distinctive contour.
The vessel had been travelling from Ohrid, on the lake's eastern shore, to the medieval Eastern Orthodox monastery complex Sveti Naum about 30 kilometres (20 miles) south near the Albanian border, according to Macedonia's private A1 television.
Another group of surrealists, formed by Gellu Naum, Paul Paun, and Virgil Teodoreseu also first emerged in the social and political domain.
Finally, it became clear that the tale of an avant-garde modernist movement harshly repressed by the state was too simple (even if partially true), and that the informers, such as Naum Gabo, on whose testimony this tale had been built were far from the insiders they had professed to be.
The victim was left with no member when Dr Naum Ciomu had a fit of rage during a routine operation and cut it to pieces.
There has been extensive international support for the venue, which is headed by respected film scholar Naum Kleiman, notably from the international critics org Fipresci.