NavTELNAVigational Test and Evaluation Laboratory
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0 million related to the negative goodwill on the acquisition of Navtel Communications, and a net recovery of income tax of US$1.
EXFO's year-over-year revenue growth was more than 75% organic, since the acquisitions of Navtel Communications and Brix Networks, which closed approximately one month and two months respectively into the third quarter of 2008, contributed US$2.
6 million calls per hour, each 60s in duration) with up to 192,000 unique registered user-agent endpoints driven by a Navtel InterWatch R14 for inbound calling (to subscribed accounts).
CommuniGate Systems, the leader in scalable carrier-class Internet Communications solutions, today announced a partnership with Navtel Communications Inc.
Navtel Communications, ProQuent Systems and Top Layer Networks.
The demonstration is supported by test equipment provided by Navtel Communications.
Vendors participating at the Leading Edge Code testing included Alcatel, Avici Systems, Chiaro Networks, Cisco Systems, IXIA, Juniper Networks, MRV Communications, Navtel, Redback Networks, Spirent Communications, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs.
Additional resources include a walk-in radio frequency (RF) chamber and a battery of high-end call and signal generators and voice quality analyzers from leading manufacturers including Agilent, Empirix, Ixia, Navtel and Spirent.
The event, sponsored by Navtel and Siemens, was hosted by Qwest in the United States, BT in the United Kingdom, NTT in Japan and KT in Korea.
Mocana's ease of use, scalability and small footprint is becoming increasingly important to deliver the performance that today's global VoIP market demands," said Prabh Deep Singh, Vice President of R&D at Navtel Communications.
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