NAVETNational Agency for Vocational Education and Training
NAVETNational Association for Values in Education and Training (UK)
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STADE DE REIMS: Lemaitre, Rousseau, Pettel (Mafuala 89), Favre, Marques, Ndom, Sylla, Navet, Jung, Aouladzian (Vandenameele 84), Oudin.
Other kinds of experiments followed: poems inspired by accounts of events in daily newspapers, poems involving portraits of individual people, poems addressed to the subscribers of Navet, linge, oeil-de-vieux, and so forth.
L since Navet appeared, and he feels, I believe, that he has found a permanent home there.
NCC has been commissioned by Fastighets AB Navet to develop and build Navet (the Hub), a new meeting place at Norra Alvstranden.
D'apres toutes les personnes qui ont vu des extraits de ce film, "L'innocence des Musulmans" est un navet ridicule et provocateur, une nullite cinematographique avec des mauvais acteurs, des decors minables et des effets speciaux mediocres.
We've been training for the 5,000 all year," said Sullivan, who added that Carlyle's navet in racing could work to her advantage.
by Christian Prigent (barely sixty pages long) leans against the monumental Navet, linge, ceil-de-vieux by Jacques Jouet (938 pages of poetry about still lifes), essential books and rare talents are mixed in with what should really be called failed novels and even some frankly sycophantic authors; and you see pornographic writers, Oulipians, masters of fantasy, Modiano clones, abstruse poets, authors of the nouveau-roman school and fundamentalists of autofiction piled on top of one another without any concern for order.
La Navet Bete - Zemblanity Friday, July 16 Six young men who create their ode to the artistry of buffoonery and dark clowning.
Carotte blanche they call it, or worse, navet long (literally long turnip).
Researchers Merz and Navet and their contributors therefore offer a variety of tools, starting with analysis methods and verification of time Petri nets, verification of reactive systems through verification and performance testing, model checking (including of timed automata), specification and analysis of asynchronous systems using technology, synchronous program verification, synchronous functional programming, verification with real-time probabilistic systems, verification of probabilistic systems methods and tools, modeling and verification of real-time systems, and architecture description languages, including a case study.
He began as a poet and continues as one, most monumentally in Navet, linge, oeil-devieux (Turnip, linen, oeil-de-vieux), a collection of poems--in a day when volumes of poetry tend ever more toward brevity that numbers no fewer than 938 pages.
beaucoup moins que] Le navet a 180 dinars me reste en travers de la gorge [beaucoup plus grand que], ironise un client.