NAVETNavy Veteran (program)
NAVETNational Agency for Vocational Education and Training
NAVETNational Association for Values in Education and Training (UK)
References in classic literature ?
Mouton aux navets," added the butler gravely (pronounce, if you please, moutongonavvy); "and the soup is potage de mouton a l'Ecossaise.
Crawley, haughtily, "to call the dish as I have called it"; and it was served to us on silver soup plates by the footmen in the canary coats, with the mouton aux navets.
The French call Bryony Navet du Diable, the Devil's turnip.
STADE DE REIMS: Lemaitre, Rousseau, Pettel (Mafuala 89), Favre, Marques, Ndom, Sylla, Navet, Jung, Aouladzian (Vandenameele 84), Oudin.
Other kinds of experiments followed: poems inspired by accounts of events in daily newspapers, poems involving portraits of individual people, poems addressed to the subscribers of Navet, linge, oeil-de-vieux, and so forth.
If Welsh Wales is still to exist in a century's time, the politicians of today cannot afford to indulge in niceness, navet and seeking to be all things to all men.
According to an article from New York Times Frazier has lost a fortune through a combination of his own generosity and navet, his carousing, failed business opportunities.
Kanta's counsel Rajat Navet also agreed that the case shouldn't have dragged on for so long.
Antes de plantear esta pregunta para mirar el caso de Bolivar, quisiera aproximarla al concepto moderno de emancipacion, tal como aparece en Vico, segun Georges Navet.
Beginning in April of 1992, Jouet had decided to write a poem a day, whatever other writing tasks he might be engaged in; Navet records the first four years of that experiment.
In some cases, direct translations into standard English and either French or German are not possible, but their nearest match was provided: the French list is fille, oreille, torchon, poche, navet, cheminee, boue, pantalon, gilet, enfants, aisselle, mouette, garcon, epingle, pomme de terre, bave, bouton, eglise, etreinte, yeux; and the German Madchen, Ohr, Tuch, Tasche, Rube, Kamin, Schlamm, Hose, Weste, Kinder, Achselhohle, Seemowe, Junge, Nadel, Kartoffel, Geifer, Pustel, Kirche, Umarmung, Augen.
Editors Navet (a researcher with INRIA, France) and Simonot-Lion (computer science, U.