NCOCNorth Caspian Operating Company (Kazakhstan)
NCOCNew College of California (est. 1971)
NCOCNetherlands Chamber of Commerce
NCOCNational Carbon Offset Coalition, Inc. (Butte, MT)
NCOCNational Certificate of Competency (Australia)
NCOCNORAD Combat Operations Center
NCOCNot Clear On Concept
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We will combine our strong knowledge of the area, global expertise across the asset lifecycle and experience of the engineering, planning and construction criteria required to operate successfully in harsh and complex environments to support NCOCs diverse asset portfolio.
CNPC, said to have only joined the NCOC group after having received assurances from Astana that the Chinese market will be a priority, wants most of the output to be piped eastwards to its country (see the Kashagan project in gmt5KazProd1Aug16).
It will avail of the achievements of the former NCOC operators and those of development, production, and drilling contractors.
Back in May this year, former Minister of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan (now Ministry of Energy) Uzakbai Karabalin (now Vice Minister of Energy) said the new operator is needed due to the NCOC system of organization was "inefficient".
In future years, the corporation and NCoC will continue to refine and develop measures of the capacity for individuals within communities to come together to address the nation's most pressing problems.
The NCoC leads a cooperative effort that includes key national research centers dedicated to creating measures of social and political participation that are necessary to sustain civic life, good governance and democracy.
Until now, the decision-makers within the project-owning NCOC and the Kazakh government favour two market directions: westwards through Azerbaijan and its BTC system which is to be expanded, and to China.
The operating NCOC will be based in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
NCOC has identified stress cracking due to sulphur-laden, highly corrosive gases as "the root cause of the pipeline issues" at Kashagan.
NCOC consortium, which develops Kashagan field, earlier said the production at the field is not expected to be resumed in 2014.
What we found is that we (Americans) were hurting so bad earlier this year that people had to shift from focusing outward to focusing inward," said David Smith, executive director of NCoC.