NDSLNintendo DS Lite (handheld game console)
NDSLNon Domestic Substances List (Canada)
NDSLNational Direct Student Loan (Perkins Loan)
NDSLNational Defense Student Loan
NDSLNevada Division of State Lands
NDSLNavy Drug Screening Lab
NDSLNaked Digital Subscriber Line (telecom)
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The company, after the completion of the acquisition of NDSL, will deliver these specialist services via Shepley Engineers Ltd (Shepley).
NDSL has reported 188k in revenue in the full year 2015, with 105k in profit before taxation, which facilitated dividends of 82k to the directors.
Renew is likely to shell out about 235k in cash to acquire NDSL.
NDSL has expanded its management team by hiring Stephen Larson as vice president of sales and marketing and Keith Mercer as engineering manager.
This has driven strong performance of the company and has placed NDSL in the enviable position of being able to invest for growth during these tough economic times," said Mr.
Accuracy With Lcd Readout Type Provided With Spc Output Similar To Model No 500617 Cd/15Kg Of Mitutotyo South Asia Ltd Ndsl, Or Equivalent Model Make Or Equivalent With Guaranty 2 Test Certificate.
The findings of the report suggest that incumbents and regulators should move to introduce NDSL as soon as possible.
However, incumbents can use NDSL to strengthen their position as broadband and mobility become the key consumer telecoms markets and the traditional PSTN service declines in importance.
The NDSL specifies substances, other than those on the DSL, that are in world commerce but are not currently in Canadian commerce.
Substances from DSL and NDSL have been merged with existing substances in CHEMLIST to facilitate searching of multiple inventories.
Until recently, incumbent telcos had tended to resist NDSL because of the immediate revenue loss from the absence of the PSTN subscription, and the fear that it would exacerbate the move of voice usage away from the PSTN towards mobile and Voice over IP (VoIP).
NDSL is now beginning to be offered (in a rather ad hoc manner) by a few incumbent telcos in Europe and North America.