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Each Neapolitan Express unit contains a hand-built electric Italian oven, powered by clean CNG, capable of reaching over 900 degrees and producing the highest-quality Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 90 seconds.
Bull argues that the 'middle way' of painting informed Vico's stance--that is, a compromise between the stark realism of Caravaggio and the high eclecticism of Francesco Solimena's variazione di maniera that was followed by certain of the philosopher's Neapolitan contemporaries.
Getting the opportunity to open our first brick and mortar storefront in such an iconic building as the Trump Building on Wall Street is more than we could ever ask for as a brand," said Max Crespo, founder of the Neapolitan Express.
The earliest experience of deliberate fusion cuisine, the Neapolitan Noble Cuisine emerged during the 17th century when Marie Caroline of Austria was betrothed to Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, King of Naples.
Our new open kitchen provides us with the very best culinary tools in order to serve sourdough Neapolitan pizzas and fantastic grilled meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
The book's five chapters are roughly equally divided between the structure of the Neapolitan ritual setting and tracking changes within it over roughly four generations of Spanish rule.
Pizza-makers in the southern Italian city of Naples are furious over the absence of any Neapolitan pizzerias on the list of the best 2,000 pizza houses published by Gambero Rosso, the Italian equivalent of the famed Michelin Guide for food and wine.
Like Neapolitan ice cream, Naples is three colourful flavours in one - panoramic, beachfront and Unesco World Heritage.
The album's 11 songs are sung by Mariano Apicella, a Neapolitan ballad singer, who has collaborated with the former prime minister on similar albums in the past.
And recent recordings of "l'americano" include an English version by American rockabilly artist Brian Setzer (2000) and a version in original Neapolitan by the Anglo-Italian singing group, The Puppini Sisters (2007).
Now, they have room for the new dome-shaped, wood-fired pizza oven to cook the Neapolitan pizza in, and hired a "Pizziolo" (pizza cook), Michael Fairholme, to teach his team how to cook it.
Besides Red Mango, the winners were The Lazy Dog Cafe, Smashburger, Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria and Vino Volo.