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N/SNot Specified
N/SNear Side (passenger side of vehicle)
N/SNewtons per Second
References in classic literature ?
She accepted these terms, and slid off on the near side, though not till he had stolen a cursory kiss.
The near side horse, arching his head and breaking into a short canter, tugged at his traces.
The unrest of the dogs had been increasing, and they stampeded, in a surge of sudden fear, to the near side of the fire, cringing and crawling about the legs of the men.
On the near side, the seawall makes an elbow crooked inversely, and its end too has a lighthouse.
Rogojin and the prince each approached the house on his respective side of the road; Rogojin, who was on the near side, beckoned the prince across.
He's coming round though,' said Caleb; 'for he told me to keep on the near side of the road going home, and it was ten to one he'd take me up.
The near side was the slower side, you could see that clearly in every race.
I saw to my shock, a person wearing a motorcycle helmet being thrown out by the near side wheel.
Therefore, the measuring point is the near side for the adjacent living units.
Most of the largest impact basins on the near side of the Moon (the Moon's face) have been filled with lava flows, which hide important clues about the shape of the land that could be used for determining their dimensions.
I ended up with pounds 770 damage to the near side front wheel of my car after I hit a pothole on the road.
He looked to have been produced with a winning run on the far side of the track by Jamie Spencer, but Comrade Bond finished strongly towards the near side under Ryan Moore to take the spoils by a neck.