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NFNaegleria Fowleri (amoeba)
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NFNested Factorization (mathematics)
NFAir Vanuatu Limited (IATA airline code)
NFNegative Furnished
NFNut Free (food)
NFNasty Factor (baseball)
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There is no point telling the voters, as they assess over the next few years the bid by Theresa May to keep the centre ground of domestic politics, that Labour is now so far Left that a new party is being formed to be near-far Left.
Slow movements of the center of mass and pelvis in the observer's near-far viewing perspective, standard deviation of the head angle relative to the pelvis around the vertical axis, and the differences (%) between turning velocities of the head and pelvis and head and thorax around the vertical axis for the tour en dehors;
Results of Experiment 3: The Near-Far Effect (NFE) Resistant Capability.
The range-free approaches infer nodes' locations by information, such as: radio connectivity among nodes, near-far information etc.
Lateral cantholysis and placement of near-far, far-near sutures may be necessary to minimize horizontal tension8.
Experimental specimens: 10-hole plate, two screws (Group 1, Unlocked; Group 2, Locked) in near-far configuration on either side.
The SR61ex hand-held cordless scanner integrates this supplier's Intellibeam EX25 near-far imaging technology.
This paper discusses the concept of Bulgarian national mythology, a secondary mythology that emerged around the late 18th century based on the fundamental opposition Chaos-Cosmos, near-far, up-down, good-evil, God-Satan, and human-non-human.
The new, 3rd generation EX25 near-far scan engine - increasing the distance and velocity of data capture
Based on data recorded, probability of near-far transition ([P.
Integrating Intellibeam EX25 near-far area imaging technology, the SR61ex hand-held cordless scanner reads bar codes at any distance to improve productivity while consolidating devices.
The radios will allow multiple transmissions to occur simultaneously on one frequency and can support as many as five simultaneous conversations into the same time and frequency slot, even in the presence of severe near-far interference.
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