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NFPNatural Family Planning (contraception)
NFPNational Financial Partners Corp.
NFPNot for Profit
NFPNurse Family Partnership (Denver, CO)
NFPNon-Farm Payroll
NFPNot for Publication
NFPNational Focal Point
NFPNutrition Facts Panel (food industry)
NFPNational Fire Plan (US Department of the Interior)
NFPNeue Film Produktion (German: New Film Production)
NFPNetwork Foundation Protection
NFPNumber of First Point
NFPNetworking for Professionals (various locations)
NFPNational Federation Party (Fiji)
NFPNetwork Foundation Protection (Cisco Systems Defence Technology)
NFPNon-Functional Properties
NFPNadeem Farooq Paracha (Pakistani journalist)
NFPNeed for Precision (psychology)
NFPNorthland Forest Products
NFPNotice of Final Priority
NFPNet Financial Position
NFPNew Freedom Program (disabled transportation)
NFPNew Frontiers Program (various organizations)
NFPNet Filtration Pressure (fluid shift across capillaries)
NFPNuclear Fuel Production Chain
NFPNorth Freeport (Everquest zone)
NFPNearest with Forward Progress
NFPNot Fault Prone
NFPNon-Flying Pilot
NFPNear-Field Probe
NFPNeuro-Filament Protein
NFPNatural Family Planning Association of New Zealand
NFPNet Factor Payment (economics)
NFPNo Flash Photography
NFPNorth Fort Polk (Louisiana)
NFPNational Foreclosure Professionals
NFPNote Format Parameter
NFPNeighborhood Fishing Program (Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Division)
NFPNuclear Fire Planning
NFPNaval Forward Presence (strategy, force development)
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The near-field probe receives direct as well as multipath signals scattered from different objects.
The accuracy of the synthesized plane waves depend on the constancy of the near-field probe amplitude, phase and polarization as it moves throughout the free space port plane.
Also included is a near-field probe kit for analyzing shields, chips, traces, and circuit boards to localize emission sources.
Campanile near-field probes fabricated by nanoimprint lithography on the facet of an optical fiber," Scientific Reports, 2017.
So called near-field probes pick up light within 5 nm from the sample, a range where diffraction effects are negligible, Stark explains.
Sanchez, along with colleagues at Harvard University, had overcome this problem by depositing a homogenous, nanometer-scale silicon oxide coating on near-field probes in order to minimize quenching.
The company highlighted its NFP-3 Series near-field probes as well as updated EMI Test System Software, which can be used with any Rigol DSA Series spectrum analyzer to configure and collect data from precompliance test, including radiated and conducted emissions sweeps.
The R&S RTO has a sensitivity of 1 mV/div, a bandwidth of up to 4 GHz and a very low input noise, making the oscilloscope ideal for capturing and analyzing disturbance signals with near-field probes.
The following sampling of EMC-related products runs the gamut from an online design tool to near-field probes, a broadband RF amplifier, and a lightning generator.
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