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These validated near-infrared fluorescent probes target tumors, bone, and lymphatics, and are used for other in vivo applications.
Higher sensitivity at near-infrared spectrum, achieved by elimination of the color filter in the pixel structure.
He added that near-infrared therapy isn't related to sunlight exposure, since there isn't enough of the near-infrared spectrum in regular sunlight to have an effect.
Feasibility of using near-infrared spectroscopy to diagnose testicular torsion: An experimental study in sheep.
and others, is capable of measuring the blood sugar level simply by directing a light beam with a wavelength in the near-infrared spectrum to a patient's skin on the arm.
Near-infrared spectroscopy, electronic noses, ultrasonic sensors and biosensors can help improve production and safety.
The original edition was created to provide education in all aspects of near-infrared spectroscopy for NIR spectroscopy users, from novice to graduate student and beyond.
This study deals with the construction of a practical nondestructive measurement system with a semiconductor near-infrared laser, by which some information at the deeper position of a sample could be measured more correctly than that by the traditional spectrophotometer.
Near-infrared light (750-800 nm) absorption decreased sharply in comparison to the absorption of visible light at each sampling time.
Environmental advancements include air conditioning systems with no HCFCs (hydrogenated chlorofluorocarbons); photovoltaic panels; use of environmentally sensitive building materials; a monitoring system for indoor air quality; energy efficient lighting; water conserving plumbing fixtures; chutes for paper and wet trash; and energy efficient low "e" glass to filter out unwanted ultraviolet and near-infrared light to minimize heat loss or gain.
Bruce Margon, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle, said the discovery demonstrated the ability of the Hubble telescope's near-infrared camera and multiobject spectrometer, an instrument installed last year by visiting astronauts, to probe the Milky Way's central regions.
The low molecular weight PSMA-based near-infrared imaging agent IRDye 800CW YC-27 was first published by Chen et al.
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