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NECHONetworked Echo (State Farm Insurance)
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Workforce Management 3G(TM) BlackBerry Edition and Necho Expense(TM) BlackBerry Edition allow mobile employees to stay connected with the office and remain productive.
The historical Necho I was from Sais and the chaste woman of the story is from Heracleopolis.
Necho helps business leaders such as American Electric Power, Enbridge and Loomis Sayles achieve greater control over costs through expense management.
In 609, Pharaoh Necho II marched an Egyptian force to the aid the remnant of Assyria and contain the Medes and Scythians.
DETAILS: CyberShift's Accelerate 2008 client conference aims to help clients learn about the company's latest product advancements and innovations, such as their Workforce Management 3G(TM) and Necho Expense(TM) solutions on the BlackBerry(R) platform, hear about industry trends within the workforce and expense management space and network with colleagues.
Manasseh, King of Judah (697-642), is known to have sent troops to assist Ashurbanipal and Necho I's successor, Psammetichus I, who returned with the Assyrians to Sais.
Reaching beyond the traditional travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management arena addressed by competitors, Necho Expense 7.
The Judean am-haaretz--the landed gentry (1)--put Josiah's son Jehoahaz on the throne, but Necho, the Egyptian pharaoh, hurried to depose him and carry him off into captivity.
WHO: CyberShift, a leading provider of global workforce management and expense management software and services WHAT: Will offer demonstrations of Necho Expense(TM), its Web-based Expense Management Automation solution that streamlines the processing of employee business expenses from submission to reimbursement WHEN: At the 4th Annual National Business Travel Association (NBTA) Canada Conference & Exhibitor Showcase to be held Wednesday, April 2, 2008 and Thursday, April 3, 2008 CyberShift will exhibit in booth #20 WHERE: Hilton Toronto 145 Richmond Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada DETAILS: CyberShift's Necho Expense provides the most complete and configurable full-service solution for expense management and automation.
Pharaoh Necho imprisoned him in Riblah in the area of Hamath against his reigning in Jerusalem.
Financial services: KeyCorp using Ariba -- Manufacturing - heavy: The Boeing Company using Gelco -- Manufacturing - light: (Name withheld) using Necho -- Product and Services - professional: Xerox Corp.