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NEDAPNeighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (New York City)
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Dr Faria demonstrated that installation of NEDAP system was economical at dairy farms.
Smart City: Huawei combines low-power, wide-coverage NB-IoT / eLTE-IoT, Smart Gateway, cloud computing and large data, working with Honeywell, Nedap, Johnson Controls, and other partners.
Nedap, one of the world's top 20 commercial security solutions providers, is among the launch partners eager to make an impact at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2017.
Additionally, to ensure reliable and convenient automatic vehicle identification in situations where windshield mounted UHF tags are not applicable, Nedap introduced a variant designed for headlights.
Nedap states Luxon Live defines a new standard in reducing the operating costs of lighting systems.
Incluso, Nedap subraya que no es deseable el VVPAT o recurrir al open source citando el informe de Selker e Cohen (2005) en el cual, incluso, no se afirma la inutilidad del VVPAT sino la mayor eficiencia respecto a la prueba en papel y de una prueba en audio.
The equipment - manufactured by Dutch firm Nedap - included 7,500 voting machines, 12,842 ballot modules, 292 cases, 1,232 transport trolleys and 2,142 hand trolleys.
It came about after one of our engineers was getting married," the Daily Mail quoted Kevin Trafford from Nedap, the Dutch firm behind the gadget, as saying.
6 million buying 7,500 of the machines - EUR6,880 each - from Dutch firm Nedap.
NEDAP has partnered with Lower Eastside Peoples' Federal Credit Union, where Del Rio serves on the board, specifically to expand the credit union's reach into the immigrant market.
Based on the first quarter of 2008, when Brooklyn saw 1,273 foreclosure actions, NEDAP projects that Brooklyn as a whole could see as many as 5,092 foreclosures by the end of the year.