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NEDSNew Economy Depression Syndrome
NEDSNational Emission Data System
NEDSNavy Electronics Directives System
NEDSNonviolent Explosive Destructive System
NeDSNetwork Domain Selection
NEDSNORAD Element Data Set
NEDSNavy Environmental Display Station
NEDSNew Enlisted Distribution System
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A payment was awarded in April 2014 to one NED who took on additional duties to cover another NED's role who resigned at short notice, whilst we recruited into this vacant position.
Jo, who is co-founder of Cracking Boards, said: "Having held over 40 NED positions in my career, I have seen the good, the bad and the distinctly ugly.
Though featuring some of the most repugnant school antics since Ed Norton's American History X (1998), NEDS never properly explains why John should become sucked into a world of violence himself.
Through discussions with management, NEDs have a responsibility to make sure they are satisfied that incentive packages don't encourage employees to take risks that are inconsistent with the long-term interests of the company.
One laughing ned then risked serious burns by filming through a gap in the window as rockets and bangers explode inside.
A quarter of companies actively encourage their NEDs to take up positions on other boards while only one in 10 discourage this.
The Combined Code already anticipates and envisages that an NED may need to take independent specialist advice in relation to issues which are outside his or her particular skill set.
The main legal responsibilities and duties of all directors, including NEDs, are embodied in the Companies Act 1985.
WHATEVER happened to Black Country bands Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Wonder Stuff and Pop Will Eat Itself?
NEDS LAD, who made a very promising British debut although beaten by Legal Circle in the heats last week, is 4-1 favourite with the sponsor for the Ben Holmes Northern Flat Championship, which continues with three semi-finals over 465m at Belle Vue tonight.
Refusing to give summary judgment in favour of the nonexecutive directors, or NEDs, Mr Justice Langley stressed that 'this conclusion does not mean I think Equitable's case is right or even probably right'.
The NEDS document was discussed again by members of the assembly's economic development committee yesterday.