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NFGNo Freaking Good (polite form)
NFGNew Found Glory (band)
NFGNeighborhood Funders Group
NFGNefteyugansk (Russia)
NFGNational Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
NfGNote for Guidance (European Medicines Agency)
NFGNar-Anon (Narcotics Anonymous) Family Group
NFGNon-Functional Gear
NFGNot Functioning Good
NFGNational Golf Foundation
NFGNot for Girls (hair care line)
NFGNon Fighting Group (gaming)
NFGNo Filament or Grid (vacuum tube)
NFGNo Finish Grind (metal finishing)
NFGNon-Food Grade
NFGNext Flight Going (Air Freight)
NFGNot Fully Guaranteed
NFGNew Freaking Guy
NFGNot First Grade
NFGNo Future Generation
NFGNet Facilities Group (Netherlands)
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See [RUSSIAN TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASC II], June 27, 1998 [Sergei Topov & Yuri Konachokov, Conflict Over Nefteyugansk Market Ends in Mayor's Assassination, KOMMERSANT] (reporting the murder and the mayor's conflicts with Yukos); [RUSSIAN TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASC II], July 8, 1998 [Vladimir Ladni, Blood and Oil, KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA], at 2 (speculating that Khodorkovski and Yukos were likely to be behind the attack).
Nefteyugansk has its own telecoms operator, which is installing the ring under the authority of Khantymansiyskokrtelecom, the regional telephone company.
Most people in NefteYugansk believe SNG will take over YuganskNefteGaz.
The Siberian town of Nefteyugansk, which lies in Russia's largest oil field, has invested in advanced telecommunications equipment from Marconi Communications to help create a high-speed fibre-optic network.
Tenders are invited for Open request for proposals for the right to enter into an Agreement for the overhaul of VOLS SS Middle Balik-PP Ugutskoye branch of "Tjumenenergo" Nefteyugansk Electric Network
After claiming to have paid the approximately $9 billion purchase price for the common stock of Yuganskneftegas, state-owned Rosneft, accompanied by the Court Bailiffs, installed their own management and took control of the production unit headquarters in Nefteyugansk.
Tenders are invited for Open one-stage tender without preliminary qualification for the right to enter into an Agreement for the purchase of fuel for vehicles of Nefteyugansk and Nefteyugansk District for the needs of "Tjumenenergo"
Regarding the company's "Siberian Internet Company" social project -- launched in June 1999 -- 100 computer classes will be organized in the cities of Nefteyugansk, Pyt'-Yakh, Boykovo, Strezhevoy, Kedrovyy, Pokhvistnevo, Tomsk and Voronezh for training in Internet technologies.
The Company has its head office in Calgary, Alberta and a field office in the City of Nefteyugansk, Province of Khanty-Mansiysk.
Open Competition: Design and survey work on the project: Complex inter-municipal landfill (waste) and industrial waste for cities and Nefteyugask Pyt-Yah, settlements Nefteyugansk district 3 stage.