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N1Number One
N1Nice One
N1Nice 1 (gaming)
N1Negative Component (neurological research wavelength label)
N1Engine Low-Pressure Rotor Speed (Gas Generator Rpm)
N1Engine Fan Speed in RPM
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The requirement for reducing the negative component amount is the subject of legal regulations set by the operator of the electrical power system.
But "a major negative component of the 2015 budget for real estate is the proposed 15 per cent reduction in infrastructure spending compared to 2014", JLL adds.
In some studies researchers have reported that in tasks involving learning and identifying people from their faces, a face-specific negative component (i.
He added that "a consistent increase in tariffs would constitute a negative component for the investor who is concerned with tax consistency and the security of his investments.
Event Related Potential (ERP) studies on face recognition have isolated an early occipito-temporal negative component (N1) which is often associated with visual processing and encoding (see Bentin et al, 1996; Carmel & Bentin, 2002; Rousselet et al 2004; Rousselet et al 2005).
Howard seeks to elucidate a negative component of this perception in analyzing critical assessments of American religious life while also contributing a positive component by adding into the picture some often neglected voices and commentators who can assist in developing a fuller, less-stereotyped portrait of American religion and its place in the public sphere.
Any element in a commercial message that is not persuasive constitutes a potentially negative component.
In other words, he should retain the negative component of BPA, according to which being good is not itself reason-providing, while surrendering the positive, according to which the property of goodness is merely the higher-order property of having lower-order properties that provide reasons to respond.
The students must either adopt the perspective of the school, at the risk of developing a negative component to his or her cultural identity, or else resist these externally imposed activities and meanings, at the risk of becoming alienated from the school.
Along one of these routes--the one including pregnancy--birth control pills have a strong negative component effect on thrombosis.
You may be interested in this job and highly qualified for it, but all it takes is one critical negative component to turn it into a bad match.
Moreover, it is quite possible that more than one kind of negative component was elicited by our task.