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N2NNext to Nothing Bodywear (Los Angeles, CA)
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In 1998, Johnson was asked to bring the Neighbor to Neighbor program to Daytona Beach, where it was incorporated as the private-not-for-profit organization, Neighbor to Family Inc.
Before Neighbor to Neighbor began in 1994, all foster parents were required by law to be able to support themselves independent of state stipends.
While election commissioners said there were relatively few complaints along those lines for the recent municipal election, Commissioner Robert Winant said 40 to 50 leaflets produced by Neighbor to Neighbor were found within 150 feet of the polling location at the Worcester Senior Center under a pile of newspapers.
The Worcester Election Commission, at a hearing this week, affirmed the right of politically active groups such as Neighbor to Neighbor to wear T-shirts identifying the organization within that boundary, as long as no candidate names are on the shirt.