NEINNational Environmental Information Network
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The same heroic spirit that was displayed by Staff Sergeant Nein and Sergeant Hester is present in every NCO in the Military Police Corps.
Caruso is no mere figurehead or celebrity spokesperson for the company; he's the founder, chairman, and CEO, while Lahr is co-founder and CTO and Nein is SVP of business development and marketing communications for the trio, which Caruso calls "the Dreamworks of digital media.
She and Nein charged the enemy position with rifles and grenades.
They are learning the respect of people who have served in the armed forces,'' said John Nein, Jason's father.
Pivoting back toward the tellers, nein, they ain't there either.
The International Trade Center-is being developed primarily on a build-to-suit basis and is currently the location of a number of multinational corporations including: Seiko Corporation of America, BMW of North America, Calvin Nein Cosmetics company, United Parcel Service, Dow Corning, and Shell Oil Company.
Nein is a 20-Year Veteran in the Retail Banking Technology Industry
I am very confident Fernando is going to be a great Vice President of Sales and lead Tampa to continued success," said Sam Nein, Market President, Clear Channel Tampa.
Holt, East Kilbride WHEN the Americans tapped the German chancellor's phone, was she making nein nein nein calls?
She went off on a tirade saying 'nein, nein, vier' and held up the conventional gesture (using her thumb and three fingers)," she added.
No doubt someone is working on a poker show called the German Virgin, codenamed 99 - as in nein, nein.
Timothy Nein vividly recalls what happened along a highway 26 miles southeast of Baghdad on Palm Sunday, 2005.