NEISDNorth East Independent School District
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Chatsworth Products provided the extensive network of rack systems, cabinets, and cable management systems used throughout the San Antonio NEISD project.
Mike Chicoine, NEISD director of management information systems, explains, "We often had to spend 80 to 90 percent of our time solving construction-related issues so that 10 to 20 percent of our time could be spent installing the cables and networking centers.
Enterprise Financial Management, which will help the NEISD more efficiently allocate and track available funds, gauge financial performance and support executive decision-making for ongoing strategic plans.
Talent Acquisition, which will help the NEISD identify, attract and engage high-quality potential employees.
This is a tremendously valuable commitment for NEISD, and it will help launch our students and community toward success.
NEISD is the 9th largest district in the State of Texas and LearnSafe is preparing these video security products for shipment and immediate installation.
The estimated value of this proposal is $29,000-$40,000; however, NEISD does not guarantee any purchase quantities or dollar amounts.
Neisd Reserves The Right To Reject Any Or All Bids.