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The paintings' own semiotics, however, complicate the image of the neo-geo maestro coolly plotting his next provocation.
The so-called neo-geo artists of the 1980s--New York painters Peter Halley, Ashley Bickerton, Philip Taaffe, and a few others--promoted an ironic distance from the often doctrinaire history of abstract painting, arguing that various art styles and effects be understood as nothing more than a series of ready-mades borrowed and brought together.
Although Eichler mentions Barnett Newman, Kenneth Noland, and neo-geo painting, he is overwhelmed by Reyle's "state of turbo serial production" for upcoming exhibitions.
In the context of neo-expressionist and neo-geo painting, other artists' practices driven by nascent forms of institutional critique, or any of the movements typically associated with the middle and late 1980s, Taylor's haphazard formalism, his scrounged supplies, and his love of optical trickery must have seemed willfully anachronistic.
If, on the other hand, you think it means neo-geo and commodity art, well, Peter Halley, Jeff Koons, and Haim Steinbach were absent as well.
Freeze" had followed on the heels of "New York Art Now" (1987-88), ad magnate and uber-collector Charles Saatchi's momentous two-part exhibition, which first brought Jeff Koons and the neo-geo generation to London and made a big impact on the young Damien Hirst.
With a neo-geo sensibility that employs PVC foil, color animations, inflatables, benches, and platforms, the Austrian artist reworks the minimal elements of a structure's architectural frame, adding barriers, lookouts, and look-ins with the ease of a DJ mixing tracks.
Most movements since Minimalism have been broken into a plethora of subgenerations: neo-geo, installation art, recurring waves of painting, institutional critique, scatter art, identity politics art, video art, Internet art, design art, architecture art, crafty art.
Kogler's logos--computer-generated motifs such as ants, tubes, and brains--trample over whatever stands in their way, be it neo-geo boxes from the '80s or yellow kitchen gloves.
Some '80s art, like neo-geo, seemed so bombastic, funny, tasteless, like it was coming out of Schnabel.
Art discourse at that time was not focused on the everyday; viewers immediately slipped into conversations about simulation or neo-geo, which was the new kind of art-world identity production going on at the time.
The neo-geo Fab Four--Jeff Koons, Peter Halley, Meyer Vaisman, and Ashley Bickerton--open at Sonnabend.