NEPTANew England Physical Therapy for Animals
NEPTANorthEast Passenger Transportation Association
NEPTANew England Piano Teachers' Association
NEPTANew England Peer Tutor Association
NEPTANew England Passenger Transportation Association
NEPTANew England Professional Tennis Association
NEPTANew England Paper Trade Association
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WING DOOR: The Nepta concept' EYES DOWN: The Twingo' CITY PRETTY: The Koleos
The designers have gone to extraordinary lengths to make the Nepta as different from anything else on the roads as possible.
While you're unlikely to see the Nepta in a Renault showroom near you, if they did decide to make it I reckon they'd sell every single one.
It is an herb whose scientific name is nepta cataria.
Tenders are invited for Addn/Altn And Special Repairs To Paver Area And Certain Works Between Hore Shore And First Avenue Road At Kataribagh,Addn/Altn And Special Repairs To Prakshan Kutir In Kataribagh And Provn Of Tiles And Elevation Footpath At Nepta Kataribagh At Naval
Evaluating the ecological criteria of Nepta binaludensis Jamzad for adaptation in low input agricultural.
Said to be inspired by boats, the Nepta is as long as a barge at a whopping five metres and if you thought that the Chrysler Viper was wide, then the Renault's two-metre girth makes the American muscle car look positively anorexic.
Even the name of the nautical newcomer is inspired ( Nepta, as in Neptune, which has the added benefit of sounding like nectar.