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NERISNational Educational Resources Information Service (UK)
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7% of the total pointsource load) enters to the Neris river, subcatchment #2 and emanates from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius with 554 thousand inhabitants and from the industrial city Jonava (51.
The three plaintiffs--Juan Romagoza Arce, Carlos Mauricio, and Neris Gonzalez--began presenting their civil lawsuit before the Florida jury in late June.
Some 200 cherry trees will be planted along a stretch measuring roughly 1 kilometer along the Neris River in Vilnius.
This project shows people how everything is related to everything else," said Neris Lopez, co-founder of EcoVida, a neighborhood-based organization devoted to ecology and environmental education that's spearheading the project.
After departing this pile of stones, I took the bus back to Vilnius via the Moletai Highway, stopped at my flat on the Neris River, and intended to ring you up.
by the revolutionary Lithuanian poet Salomeja Neris.
Lopez Neris of Puerto Rico, Jean-Louis Jorge of Dominican Republic, Mario Handler of Uruguay, and Margot Benacerraff of Venezuela are just a random sampling of artists who have made statements on celluloid.
Schools have access to PROFILE (a keyword-searchable database that carries several years' text of several newspapers, plus Reuters tapes and Keesing's Contemporary Archive); to NERIS (National Educational Resources Information Service); to ECCTIS (Educational Counselling and Credit Transfer Information Service); and to more (150 databases are offered in the standard service at the moment).
Examples of such factories that employed 500 - 2000 people are Grinding Machines (now AB Vingriai), AB Hidraulines pavaros (Hydraulic drives), AB Vilma, AB Neris machinery factory, AB Precizika (now Brown-Sharp Precizika, Lithuanian-USA Joint Venture), AB Kauno stakles (Kaunas machinetools) amongst others.
On 21 February, Foreign Minister Neris German met with the new Ambassador of Cambodia to Lithuania, Keru Vicset, residing in Moscow.