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NESCNational Electrical Safety Code
NESCNational Economic and Social Council (Ireland)
NESCNASA Engineering and Safety Center
NESCNational Energy Skills Center (Trinidad and Tobago)
NESCNational Energy Software Center (obsolete; see ESTSC)
NESCNational Elite Sports Council (Australia)
NESCNational Environmental Satellite Center
NESCNetwork for Evaluating Steel Components (United Kingdom)
NESCNaval Electronics Systems Command (now SPAWAR)
NESCNew England Small Craft (Rowley, Massachusetts)
NESCNational Electrical Standards Committee
NESCNuclear and Environmental Safety Council
NESCNon-English Speaking Country
NESCNorwegian E-Sports Community (gaming forum)
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We congratulate the Pakistan Engineering Council on its successful completion of PETSAC-2014, and we are honored that its development was based on the NESC, said Mike Hyland, NESC chair and senior vice president at the American Public Power Association.
For the past two years we have been waiting for the NESC, which had these aims, to get off the ground and we have seen precious little evidence of the plans that were supposedly being rolled out.
Ms French said the 10-year NESC plan has so far failed to get going, adding: "Schools in the North East are committed to working together to raise educational standards, improve leadership and share best practice but action has been frustratingly slow.
In order to curtail the losses of infrastructure and human lives including employees and general public, NESC is developed, which would be applicable to power sector, communication companies, operation and maintenance companies, and their relevant contractors and manufacturers.
The collaborative efforts of the Crew Module Water Landing Modeling Assessment Team proved so valuable that the NESC presented it with the Group Achievement Award on Nov.
Almost all of these migrants were born in NESC countries.
The National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, the drinking water division of NESC, is a grant-funded nonprofit organization that provides free and low-cost information about small community wastewater treatment.
This is despite the fact that most NESC males settled in Sydney and Melbourne.
The NESC study revealed the Government's main source of funding for childcare facilities, the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme, has reached less than half its planned spending.
NESC requires the secondary neutral to be interconnected to the power utility neutral at the distribution transformer.
These capabilities allow NESC to leverage its resources to support the entire network spanning 14 network nodes and 915 fiber miles.
PEC with support of USAID-Power Distribution Program (PDP), is starting to develop NESC which would be applicable to power sector, communication companies, operations and maintenance companies and their relevant contractors and manufacturers.