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NESHNetwork for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (Canada)
NESHNew England School of Homeopathy (Amherst, MA)
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ko d a ked ond for apsurers, d s su Nesh Mehan of World of Fashion "It took a while for our regular custome in fact for any customers to come back the area.
Yossi Sadeh, a Director of the Natural Formula Asia joint venture addressed a press conference in Beijing: "Natural Formula was established in 1987 by Nesh Cosmetics in Israel and has become a trusted name throughout the worldwide healthcare market.
Wedyn roedd yn rhaid i mi neud y penderfyniad yn y fan a'r lle os o'n i'n mynd i roi fyny a marw neu baffio ymlaen, a dyna be nesh i," meddai Yogi a oedd hefyd yn hyfforddi rhai o ieuenctid Clwb Rygbi'r Bala cyn y ddamwain.
He told the participants, including Kandahar's intelligence head and the provincial council chief: "During the third tranche of transition, Afghan forces will get control of Kandahar City, Daman, Dand and Nesh.
NESH Winning became the overall Readers Durham County League Under-15 champions when they defeated Sedgefield in a play-off.
My mum always used the word nesh to describe someone who seemed to feel the cold more than others, while sarnies were never sandwiches - and she always headed to the shops when she thought her clothes were looking dead antwacky
At a meeting with Governor Toryalai Weesa, WFP Director for Kandahar Ulrick Pedersen said the projects would be implemented in Nesh, Ghorak, Mianshin and Shorabk districts.
The Aladdin's cave of exotic clothes is owned by 25-year-old Nesh Mehan who dreams up designs for many of the Eastern-style dresses, which are handmade in India.
Marina was one of four recycling winners, with Moira Nesh and Alison Smith scooping a top recycling prize for their Real Nappy Initiative which encourages parents to use real nappies as they are more environmentally friendly.
That controversial neck-warmer which decidely nesh players across the country have been sporting since the temperatures dropped is, surprisingly, too affected for Rio.
Efo''r llall, nesh i rioed feddwl ei warchod rhag y glaw, na''i glymu i unrhyw beth - bu allan ym mhob tywydd - nes i leidr ddod heibio a''i gipio ymaith.