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NESINot Elsewhere Specified or Included (food labeling)
NESINet-Centric Enterprise Solutions for Interoperability
NESINon-public Educational Services, Inc.(Salem, Massachusetts and Woodbridge, Virginia)
NESINative English-Speaking Instructors
NESINo one Expects the Spanish Inquisition (Monty Python)
NESINoise Equivalent Spectral Irradiance
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NESI supplies both fresh and frozen fish to the UK multiples, and is one of the UK's largest importers of fresh tuna.
Mr Nesi, from Thornhaugh Avenue, Whickham, had run La Dolce Vita restaurant in Westgate Road, Newcastle, now known as Roberto's, since 1988.
The present work by PEO C4I and Space, ESC Hanscom and SPAWAR to implement NESI are consistent with the GIG-ES.
The Symbolum, which leans heavily on Ficino for its philosophical arguments, is attributed to the diplomat, university official, preacher, and piagnone, Giovanni Nesi, and is sandwiched inside the massive Eptathicurn of Paolo Orlandini, twice prior of S.
He speculates that Orlandini, an opponent of Savonarola and student of Ficino (who also was an early opponent), may have had something to do with the final redaction of the text, though it is hard to imagine Nesi overtly supporting the prophet a few months after his brutal execution.
Among the explanations for the misinterpretation of the entry provided by Nesi and Haill is the kidrule strategy (10) (Miller--Gildea 1987), in which the familiar part of the dictionary definition is taken for the equivalent of the headword.
Nesi, Executive Secretary, Division of Child Welfare, Child Welfare Collection, WRHS
What we face with e-commerce is many situations where the buyer and seller will not know each other's names, much less what state they are located in," said Nicholas Nesi of the accounting firm BDO Seidman in New York.
Paolo Nesi and his coworkers at the University of Florence have developed a computer-based system for creating, updating, and storing annotated scores.
Unfortunately, the possibility that Fiat could be a takeover target exists," said Mr Nerio Nesi, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies' Industry Commission.
Thus for us docket 22112 became PHL-GSO (Philadelphia-Greensboro); docket 22916 became AA/WA Mgr (American Airlines/Western Air Lines Merger); 22973 became NESI (New England Service Investigation), and docket 23167 became Tex-Mex (Texas-Mexico).