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NESSIENew European Schemes for Signatures Integrity and Encryption (EU; cryptographic project)
NESSIENew England Space Science Initiative in Education
NESSIENetwork of Economic and Social Science Infrastructures in Europe (UK)
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Nessie records keeper Gary Campbell said 2107 had been a "vintage" year for sightings, with newlyweds Rebecca and Paul Stewart also spotting a large fin just last month.
Whatever this is, it is under the water and heading south, so unless there have been secret submarine trials going on in the loch, the size of the object would make it likely to be Nessie.
Screaming Lord Sutch tried something similar when he turned up in 1990 hoping to win the PS250,000 prize offered by a bookmaker to anyone finding Nessie.
Nessie is one of 3 popular designs from Tom Martinson Basses; however Tom will build from a customer design as well upon customer request.
To contact the Nessie Club call 01928 718100 or email boatproject.
look uncannily like Nessie when they surface for air.
In the 1930s, many people claimed to have seen Nessie.
It clearly shows Nessie snatching a Toyota pick-up and its occupants from the shores near Urquhart Castle.
Nessie and Griselda from the Belgrade Theatre's Christmas spectacular - aka Andy Hockley and Alexander Delamere - took time out from hassling poor Cinders to meet the children at John Gulson Primary School, in George Street, Foleshill, on the last day of term.
The three-bedroom, semi-detached property in sedate Bellefield Avenue, West Derby, has been empty since Nessie Shankly died in August last year.
Most Nessie sightings have occurred in the northernmost portion of the loch.